Heat Recovery Solutions

Power and utility plants burn lots of carbon-emitting fuels or use electricity to generate heat and steam. However, a large volume of waste heat is released into the atmosphere, causing CO2 emissions and wasting precious energy and money. Heat recovery is a process of heat integration and reusing waste heat energy. It gives numerous operational, environmental, and economic benefits. It helps satisfy plant energy needs while reducing environmental impact, costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Implemented well, heat recovery systems deliver clean, reliable and energy in the form of steam, electricity, or chilled water, to production factories and built environment occupiers.

At Cyclect, we understand our clients want to recover their otherwise wasted heat energy with the most reliable and sustainable energy-saving technologies available. We design systems that utilize proven and tested project methodology, rigorous design standards and thorough simulation and testing procedures. Our approach results in faster start-ups, greater system functionality, easier support and maintenance, and improved uptime and facility productivity.


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Our Testimonials

The Cyclect team has maintained the required professionalism by delivering good quality within the agreed time frame. The members worked long and hard, even at night to bring the shutdown works safely and following safe management measures during the COVID-19 situation. In addition, the team’s response to sudden requests for change was fast and accurate
We were very happy with the professionalism that Cyclect has demonstrated during the project. The installation of the hoarding as well as the actual removal activities were executed with minimal disruption to production and without compromising quality or safety. Very good time management has ensured that the project was completed on time
Completion of removal of the old chiller to completion of commissioning of a chiller within 7 days is indeed an industry record for many to admire. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team of dedicated and committed engineers and team to perform future works within our operations plant and other customers in the industry who require your professional services.

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