Discrete Manufacturing refers to plants and facilities for discrete manufacturing services. It includes medical devices, precision engineering, aerospace products, facilities, structures and manufacturing assets.

Developers and operators of Discrete Manufacturing facilities need to provide a reliable, safe and sustainable manufacturing facility for plant owners and operators. The right facility or plant engineering & maintenance service providers will help to achieve their goals.


Our Advantage

Our team of engineers and technicians have almost 80 years of experience engineering and deploying solutions for Discrete Manufacturing developers & operators. We improve operation reliability, enhance value, and give greater peace of mind. We provide our clients with the following benefits:
Cyclect did a very commendable job in performing to the work scope requirements. All the planned activities were completed to satisfaction within the schedule. Our goal was to correct all identified faults for a total number of eight (8) electrical power distribution boards. The team was very well organized and with great team effort, executed the planned activities accordingly that exceeded our requirements. This resulted in a shorter than expected downtime.
Cyclect Electrical Engineering did a commendable job in performing the electrical project requirements for our complicated machine line. All the planned activities were completed to satisfaction with the scheduled time and the budget was maintained.
I would like to thank everyone for the support and hard work given to make a turnaround on the cleaning activities and following up closely on the requirements to ensure ResMed achieved this milestone. I believe the effort put in by the team has gained the trust of the manufacturing team – our main customer. Let’s maintain the good support and response to the next level as a stepping stone into a more robust team. Thank you very much and appreciate the team work.
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