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Impeller Pumps

Self-priming, rotating pumps that exhibit a continuous pulsation-free pumping flow. The pumping direction can be reversed without difficulty so the efficiency does not change.
All parts are in stainless steel. It is designed for gentle, almost pulsation-free conveyance even for liquids with solids and it allows easy cleaning, simple and fast demounting

Eccentric screw pumps

Fits all the mechanical requirements and gives a long serviceable life due to its strong abrasion resistance. Has hollow rotors with extreme high eccentricity thereby gentle conveyance. In a compact rideable design that is easy to clean and FDA-conformable

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Designed to achieve maximum pump performance combined with minimal product damage.
Allows for non-contact run of the pumping elements and simple and fast demounting. Perfect for hygiene application with CIP/SIP cleaning systems in place.

Hose Pumps

For dosing and filling of tiniest volume with great care on maximising abrasion resistance. Works without lubricants. All parts in contact with the product are stainless steel and FDA-conformable. Easy to clean with simple and fast demounting.