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Hydraulic Equipment

Used to increase water pressure for better cleaning. Dishwashers fitted with hydraulics are also generally quieter. Construction machines such as cranes, forklifts, jacks, pumps and fall arrest safety harnesses use hydraulics to lift and lower objects.

Pneumatic Instrumentation Equipment

A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to transmit and control energy.

Industrial Filters / Sintered Metal Elements

Filtration systems using sintered metal media for gaseous, solid and liquid separation have proven to be an effective and efficient alternative to other separation methods that can be vulnerable to pressure peaks, high temperatures and/or corrosive environments.

High Vacuum Equipment

Used to generate, maintain, and manipulate pressures below that of the ambient atmosphere. Requires special care to maintain.

Process Gas Equipment

Can be used for tasks as varied as storage, controlling flow, and containing chemical reactions.

Temperature Control Equipment

This equipment cools the circulating fluid by directly exchanging it with the cooling water in the plant. This can be used at room temperature or higher, and also used when there is a cooling water circulation facility.

Process Pumps(Diaphragm Pumps

Delivers a hermetic seal between the drive mechanism and the compression chamber, allowing the pump to transfer, compress, and evacuate the medium without a lubricant. An elastomeric diaphragm can be used as a versatile dynamic seal that removes many of the limitations found with other sealing methods.

Chemical Liquid Valves/Fittings & Needle Valves/Tubing

Sometimes referred to as plunger valves, these regulate valves and enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flow and pressure.

Process Valves

Process valves manage the flow rate of a liquid or a gas and control the temperature, pressure or liquid level within a process.