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Static Neutralization Equipment

Ionizers that remove dust by high-pressure air purges remove dust and static electricity at the same time. Static is eliminated when dust is blown off, neutralizing the target object and preventing re-adherence.

Switches / Sensors / Controller

Automatically set your valves to move to reduce manpower and time needed for checking and adjusting.

Silencers / Exhaust Cleaners / Blow Guns / Pressure Gauges

This filter enables the direct exhaust of air in a clean room.
Air can be directly exhausted in a clean room by simply mounting this product to the pneumatic equipment in the clean room. Piping for exhaust air and relief air is not required.

This reduces the resources needed for piping installation work, noise pollution and space required. One-touch fitting type is available.

Flow Control Equipment

Flow control equipment is a mechanism used to help manage the rate of data transfer between two devices. This is done to help prevent a source device from overwhelming a destination device by sending more packets than the destination can handle.