Cyclect wins top honor at Singapore Sustainability Awards 2012

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Cyclect receives top honor at Singapore Sustainability Awards 2012-Green Technology Award.

04 July 2012

Cyclect Energy received the top honor for the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2012- Green Technology Award (SME Category). This award recognizes Cyclect’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions. LINK

1            For over 12 years, we developed technology that recovers waste heat from power generation processes. We address them as Cogeneration or Trigeneration.

2          The Singapore Sustainability Awards is an initiative of the Singapore Business Federation and consists of the Sustainable Business Awards and the Green Technology Awards. The awards aim to recognise companies for their outstanding sustainable business and green technology practices.

A Pioneer and Market Leader in Sustainable Technologies

3          Along with installing and constructing Cogeneration and Trigeneration plants, Cyclect provides customized waste heat recovery and energy solutions. We also distribute absorption chillers, adsorption chillers and liquid desiccant dehumidifiers. Our green technology are customizable and scalable.  They include power generation (30KW to 50MW), cooling systems (3 Rtons to 2000 Rtons) and dehumidification. The amount and quality of available heat determine their performance.

4          In 2000, Cyclect introduced absorption chillers to the local waste heat recovery market. Since then we played a key role in spreading Cogeneration and Trigeneration plants as more efficient forms of distributed power generation. As pioneers, Cyclect faced challenges in convincing people to use waste heat as a resource.

5          To date, our green technology installations have reduced up to 16,000 Tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

6          Beyond promoting green technology to our clients, Cyclect also advocates using green technology in our building facility. We develop products and solutions based on sustainable and energy efficient designs.

7          By using our proprietary solar air-conditioning system, Cyclect has saved around 20% of energy costs for our office space. Other energy recovery technologies are being researched and developed to further reduce energy consumption.

8          Through solar air-conditioning, our office runs at 50% relative humidity. With this lower humidity, we can operate at 2°C higher with the same comfort level. This results in significant energy savings.

Accolades for Cyclect

9          Cyclect has a long history in developing innovative and patented technologies. We are also front-runners in driving regulatory change for greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

10       In 2004, we engineered and built an energy efficient plant for a local chocolate maker. For industrial projects, we were the first to be approved for grid interconnection in a building. It used a prototype setup with natural gas fired Microturbines.

11       In 2004 and 2005, we received two “The Enterprise Challenge” innovator awards from the Prime Minister’s Office. They recognised our approach towards innovative solutions. They were:

a.     FIDAS – Foreign Object Debris and detection system for airport runway sweepers. The primary goal was to help increase effectiveness of detecting dangerous debris on runways. The secondary goal was to reduce fuel usage of the airport runway sweepers.

b.     Mobile Chemical Scrubber – Our patented adsorption technology was used in a prototype HazMat emergency response vehicle. As a mobile chemical scrubber, it effectively clean up targeted chemical spills during emergency scenarios.

12       In 2010 and 2011, Cyclect received the Enterprise 50 awards.

13       In 2012, Cyclect was awarded Business Superbrands status.

Cyclect Energy contacts:

Michael Khong

Senior Manager


Poon Kum Wai

Deputy Business Development Manager


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