Aalst Chocolate Cogeneration Plant Installation


Client profile

Aalst Chocolate Pte Ltd


Aalst Chocolate is a privately owned state-of-the-art chocolate manufacturing plant located at Tuas, Singapore. Aalst produces industrial chocolate products using raw ingredients sourced from West Africa, Asia and South America. The range is tailored for different end products, such as specially formulated chocolate chips, chunks and compounds for use in ice cream, confectionery, baked good and biscuits.

Commissioned in 2004, Cyclect and Mecflou worked together to design and build Singapore’s first micro cogeneration system in Aalst Chocolate’s new factory.

Cyclect provided the cogeneration solutions while Mecflou fabricated and installed large steel tanks for the plant.


Project objectives:

  • The project had 2 objectives:
  • The first was to reduce electricity demand from the grid (because of the high energy consumption to power the factory’s chillers).
  • The second was to save costs by reducing energy usage and hence reducing emission.



Project Phases: Planning phase & Construction phase

Project Duration: 4 weeks

Solution Overview: 

  • Two natural gas fired Broad absorption chillers provide space and process cooling needs.
  • One Capstone micro gas turbine provides process heating while simultaneously generating electrical power.
  • Cogeneration equipment:
  • 1 unit of absorption chiller
  • 1 unit of combined absorption chiller and heater
  • 1 unit of Gas Turbine
  • Electrical output: 60kW
  • Hot Water output: 110kW and 200kW
  • Cooling output: 233kW and 349kW


  • First natural gas fired micro cogeneration plant in Singapore.


  • Supported by NEA under the Innovation for Environmental Sustainability Funding.


Person-in-charge: Mr. Michael Khong

Contact No.: +65 9003 7032

Email: khong.m@cyclect.com.sg

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