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Trust a high-quality, energy efficient Van Air Compressed air dryer to keep all your processes flowing. With than 50 years of experience, extensive in-house fabrication capabilities and manufacturing methods, we’re ready to build the right dryer for your unique application. For total air line protection, we’ll include accessory equipment such as filters and drains in your drying system. Extensive technical support before and after sale assures that you get the assistance you need, from initial sale through installation, on-site start-up and beyond.

Cyclect is the authorized distributor sales and service provider for Van Air’s products in Asia.

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Van Air Systems offer complete, cost-effective, practical solutions to your drying and filtering needs. Our highly experienced team of engineers has the expertise necessary to assist you in the selection of the optimum combination of equipment for your application.


Compressed air has application in virtually all industries. Its uses range from being an efficient, reliable source of pneumatic power in manufacturing plants to operating critical instrumentation in process industries.

In every application, air quality can be adversely affected by contaminants like water, oil and dirt. The result is lower productivity, increased maintenance, and higher operating cost. For these reason, air system designers must recognize and understand the types of contaminants they face.

Today’s air system designer is faced with the challenge of improving air quality through the selection of drying and filtering equipment that is best suited to removing these contaminants. Judgments must be made based on the particular application, the degree of dryness and cleanliness required, and the types of equipment available.

Product Range represented by Cyclect

Product Range
Regenerative Desiccant Dryer
  • Heatless dryers
  • Internally heated dryers
  • Externally heated, blower purge & exhaust purge dryers
Freedom Desiccant Dryers
  • Desiccants
  • Blast Pak
Cycling & Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers
Compressed Air & Gas Filters
  • F200 Filters
  • F101 Filters
  • F102 Filters
  • Mist eliminators


For complete details or application assistance, contact us at Cyclect.

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