Founded in Japan in 1917 and incorporated in 1943, Taiyo is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality marine vessel products designed to meet class societies’ requirements. Specializing in the marine industry, it produces a complete range of marine electrical machinery. Its products include large capacity generators, motors, control systems and other associated equipment for a wide range of marine vessels. Cyclect is the authorized Singapore service provider for Taiyo’s generators, motors and marine control systems and the sales distributor for Taiyo’s AVRs and inverters .

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Taiyo has a proud record of sustained growth and adaptation to new technologies which are matched to meet the requirements of the marine industry. With its rich experience in marine vessel equipment, Taiyo’s products and systems are designed to meet the highest requirement for performance, reliability and safety.



Taiyo produces a complete range of marine electrical machinery, such as large capacity brushless AC generators, motors, thrusters, electric propulsion systems, speed control systems, ventilaition fans, main switchboards, group starter panels, engine control systems, monitoring and alarm systems, and other associated equipment for a wide range of merchant marine, fishing and industrial vessels.

The range of vessels which are equipped with Taiyo products include Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, VLCCs, ULCCs, LPG & LNG Carriers and Cruise Ships.


Product Range

Generators, motors, propulsion systems

– Large capacity generators

– Thyristor-Inverter type shaft generator

– Various brushless AC generators

– Electric propulsion system

– Speed control systems

– Motors

– Ventilation fans


Power management and control systems

– High voltage switchboards

– Main switchboards (MV & LV)

– Emergency switchboards

– Power management systems

– Group starter panels

– Engine control consoles

– Monitoring and alarm

– AVRs

– Inverters


For more info, visit www.taiyo-electric.co.jp

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