EMRI Electronics develops and produces universal and replacement voltage regulators, control electronics and monitoring electronics for generators. Generator manufacturers, repair shops and the services industry use its products worldwide.

Cyclect is the authorized Singapore sales and service provider for EMRI’s electronic products range.

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The strong synergy between the different units of marine equipment repair and services ensure a constant feedback and a high level of knowledge on the latest developments, technologies and applications. All these factors result in optimum reliability and performance of EMRI’s products.

Whenever excellent quality, reliability, performance and easy application is required,
EMRI voltage regulators are proven to be the best solution for new generators as well as retrofits.

Experience the ease of installing and commissioning EMRI voltage regulators, and enjoy the carefree comfort of our accurate support and service around the world.

Our expert advice and accurate service combined with the excellent quality, ruggedness, ease of installation and commissioning of our AVRs are an added value to any repair shop, shipowner or engineer involved in generator applications


EMRI’s electronic products are used mainly in the marine industry for large shipping vessels. They include voltage regulators, universal AVRs, genuine AVRs, protection relays, distribution boxes, cable testers and many more.

Product Range

EMRI’s range of products consists of:
• Universal and replacement voltage regulators
• OEM for generator manufacturers and railway applications
• Brand-identical voltage regulators
• Power factor controllers
• Isolation guard relays
• Protection relays
• OEM for various types of custom-made control electronics
• Switchboxes made to customer specifications


For more info, visit http://eng.emri.nl.

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