Our Culture

Our philosophy influences what we do.

To us “Completely Possible” means that when we commit to a job, we give you 100% assurance that we will complete it, no matter the challenges.

Together, we can make Cyclect completely possible!


Our values inspire us to become better.

Hard work, commitment to quality and dedication to the client were part of the legacy of our founder, Mr. Tan Ai Meng. Over the years these principles have been distilled into four core values that continue to guide the way we work.

  • TOGETHERNESS is the foundation for our success. We treat each other with mutual trust and respect, and remain open to what others have to say, so we can profit and grow from each other’s sharing.
  • DETERMINATION empowers us to accomplish great work, regardless of the challenges that we may face.
  • INTEGRITY is lived when we are accountable for our actions and speech.
  • EXCELLENCE means that we refuse to rest on our past achievements and strive to keep learning and improving.


Our Will Statement demonstrates our commitment.

This Will Statement serves to remind us of our pledge of commitment to our Purpose and Core Values, the essence that makes us Cyclect.

    We the people of Cyclect are determined to build an integrated engineering group.
    Our purpose lies in providing customised cycles of solutions through keen understanding of value chains.
    We believe a strong sense of togetherness is essential for shared success.
    Our determination helps us achieve the impossible.
    We build a strong foundation by having integrity in our work.
    Through continuous improvement, we grow in excellence.
    This way of life secures us the happiness that we pursue for ourselves and for our families.

The Cyclect Team reciting the Will Statement at our Internal Launch on 21 Jan 2011.

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