Chemicrete Awarded AVA Marine Aquaculture Centre IFM Project

Facilities Management for R&D and fish farming production 01 March 2019 The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore (AVA) entrusted Chemicrete with managing their Marine Aquaculture Centre (MAC). It is a 3+2 year Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract. About MAC: Located at St John’s Island, the MAC was set up to develop and harnessRead more

Cyclect MD Melvin Tan featured in CEO Magazine

20 Feb 2018 Mr. Melvin Tan, Cyclect’s Managing Director, is honoured to be featured in CEO Magazine (Jan 2018 issue). The article can be accessed here.      

Cyclect debuts LINQ robot at TechnIC@SATS

  24 May 2017 LINQ the future     Cyclect debuts LINQ convoy robots at TechnIC@SATS event. LINQ, an acronym of “Link and Queue”, was adapted for SATS to allow wheelchairs to communicate and move as one. LINQ autonomously transports people and logistics within the airport with minimal human intervention. SATS is testing LINQ forRead more

“Practical Thermo-economic examples of Waste Heat Recovery” Seminar 2015

Cyclect Energy, in conjunction with ShuangLiang Eco-Energy and Singapore Business Federation (SBF) conducted its 2nd quarterly seminar on Waste Heat Recovery. The session titled “Practical Thermo-economic examples of Waste Heat Recovery” was held on 27th March 2015. The objective of this seminar was to share more good practices in waste heat recovery for heating and cooling applications. SeventyRead more

Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte. Ltd. received US Patent for the invention of “Organic Rankine Cycle System”.

Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte. Ltd. is proud to receive the US Patent for the invention of “Organic Rankine Cycle System”.   Dr Yanagi’s invention is an lubricant free Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation unit.  It was an vast efficiency improvement over the current lubricated ORC system, which is cumbersome with oil lubrication. The system uses low temperature energy asRead more

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