Cyclect wins WIPO-IPOS IP award 2017

Company’s legacy highlighted by Minister for Law


September 2017

Cyclect is honoured to receive the IPOS Award for IP Champions and WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy.



In his opening address, Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, cited Cyclect as an example of a local company that leveraged on Singapore’s intellectual property (IP) resources to innovate and develop an IP management strategy. He was referring to the innovation-conducive ecosystem supported by the government and IPOS.

Mr. Shanmugam said many companies have started locating some of their IP activities in Singapore because they recognise the advantages in Singapore’s ecosystem. He encouraged more companies to follow suit.

“Cyclect started 74 years ago as an equipment repair shop. If it had stayed that way, they may not be in business now.” he said. “But they have transformed themselves into a turnkey solutions provider in the infrastructure, industrial manufacturing and marine sectors.”

He added, “They are a well-deserved winner of the WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy, and the IPOS Award for IP Champions. We congratulate them.”



The WIPO-IPOS IP Awards is the pre-eminent accolade that recognises companies in Singapore which have achieved outstanding enterprise growth through the successful use of intellectual property (IP). It honours the companies that inspire others to seek new ways to grow their businesses by leveraging on IP. Since its inception in 2013, a total of 16 organisations have been conferred the awards. The Awards are jointly organised by IPOS and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the IP agency of the United Nations.

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